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  • #Wolvesinwolves2017 - Today Nightingale students started their hunt for the 30 wolf sculptures located around Wolverhampton City Centre. It is the largest art event to take place in the centre and each sculpture hasĀ a unique design.
  • Bratch Locks 14th July - On Friday 14th July Nightingale students explored Bratch Locks in Wombourne. They followed a canal trail and spotted local wildlife along the way. This visit forms part of our Creative Curriculum offer and enables students to develop social and emotional skills. Students enjoyed seeing a range of wildlife and visiting the canal locks.  
  • Lower Drayton Farm - On Friday 7th July Nightingale students paid their final visit to Lower Drayton Farm. They had the opportunity to complete team work and build their own shelter. They collected materials together from the natural landscape and created a shelter fit for Bear Grylls!
  • Important E-Safety Update: Snapchat - We understand that our students enjoy using the Internet and apps in a safe and positive way. Recently there have been changes made to the app ‘Snapchat’. Please find the recently released guidelines regarding the Snap Map feature:This location based map allows users to see where in the country their Snapchat contacts are, as well […]
  • Farm Project – 23rd June - On Friday 23rd June Nightingale students returned to Lower Drayton Farm in Staffordshire. Students were given a tractor ride around the farm and fed a selection of farm animals including emus, pigs and pheasants. Students were given an insight into wheat farming and how it is processed.  
  • Lower Drayton Farm – Friday 16th June - On Friday 16th June Nightingale students visited Lower Drayton Farm in Staffordshire. Students took part in a range of activities including a woodland walk and created their own scarecrows. This visit forms part of our Creative Curriculum and encourages students to work together as a team and try new activities. Students will be returning to […]

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